About Charlotte

   To become the leading brand in sweets by building along term relationship with our customers and attracting new sweet lovers
   through our great customer experience and products.

   To commit to our customers by offering them the best quality, taste and customer experience.

  About the Founder:
   After 3 years of studying Engineering in KSA, and acquiring a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Switzerland.  
   Mr. Abdullah Bataweel pursued his passion and entered The Restaurant School in Philadelphia USA. After completing his studies,  
   he has worked in FourSeason hotel in Philadelphia under famous chefs, acquiring a certificate of completion in " Taste of France".  
   Mr. Bataweel moved around France and learned under the best chefs of France.   
   Mr. Abdullah then moved to Germany where he studied in "Technology of Cake Making"
   Mr. Abdullah established  House of Bakeries which is known now as Charlotte in 1994
   and established the first Italian ice cream in KSA under the name Gelato in the year of 1995.  
   Mr. Bataweel worked with the best French and Italian chefs such as Chef Francois Ateler to offer one of the best recipes in sweets,  
   fine dining, and ice cream, Furthermore, he was the first to recruit ladies in a factory of over 33 females in the year 2008.   
   He is planning to present the first pastry making school as a community service program in KSA   
   to supprot a future generation of talents.
   A leading pastry boutique since 1994, Charlotte formerly known as" House of Bakeries”  
   has brought to its customers an ideal combination of memorable taste, and unique quality of French pastries.  
   Led by Chef Abdullah Bataweel; who has worked with the famous French and European chefs,  
   to offer the finest and largest sweet and pastry collections in Saudi Arabia.

      The Charlotte name was ideal to House of Bakeries as it goes hand in hand with our vision to offer   
   and contribute to any celebration our customers have .It came from the story of Queen Charlotte, whom was loved by her people  
   and the famous French chef Carème made a special cake to be named after her “charlotte” in the 17th century.  
   Every piece of Charlotte offers a special recipe of celebration using only the best ingredients,   
   from mini sweets to special wedding cakes, Charlotte is proud to present over hundreds of designs for special occasions   
   ranging from our famous nd gateaux to 3D sculpted birthday gateaux, and the dazzling luxurious wedding gateaux.  

   We promise you the best experience from the moment you open the charlotte door.

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